Characters – Jeb and Wolf

The Boy Who Danced with Rabbits, book one of the series “Home from Choestoe”, (Cho-E-sto-E) is a Cherokee word meaning “rabbit place”, is a book of adventure in which the main character, Jeb, short for Jebediah, narrates his upbringing after he has aged ninety years. He tells of his adventures with his best friend, Wolf. A full blood Cherokee Indian who was born on the same night, as he in the mountains of what is now North Georgia. Through their adventures, we see a developing society and a coming together of two distinct peoples living in a place of beauty and solitude. Where dependency on God, the Great Creator of all things, and the respect shown to the laws of God, and other folks, is very important to the way of life all must live to survive. This dependency is the focal point of the adventures these two friends share and creates a bond that all who lived during those early days needed for that survival. It was not a fragile society, but one born through a deep respect for the lives of others and knowing right from wrong while making decisions based on what was just plain right. The rule book was the Holy Bible, and law was based on the words found within. Something that is missing in today’s world for the most part. Treating folks fairly, and with the respect one would and should expect was not just the Golden Rule, but also the true basis for a solid judgement of character. And one’s character could mean life or death in the mountains of the Southern Appalachia in 1815. These were the attributes Jeb and Wolf learned to live by. This was how they walked the ridges and trails of Choestoe. Their way of life was how folks lived back when things were proper.

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