The Removal Unjustified

One of the darkest times in the history of America is the removal of the Cherokee nation from the Appalachian Mountains after a law was passed in 1830 and enforced in 1838. President Andrew Jackson was determined to have the lands that the Cherokee possessed and to distribute them amongst immigrant settlers. The Cherokee had done nothing wrong, but were removed from their homes by force and had no choice, but to leave all their possessions behind. They marched thousands of miles in terrible weather with little or no protection from the elements. Many died on the trail from lack of nutrition or exposure. They had no call to destroy our infant nation and were more than willing to live right alongside whoever wished to live with them in peace. The lie could be that our leaders wanted their land and resources. No, I believe the real reason for the removal was that these people were forming their own society as a sovereign nation and posed a threat to the development of America. Yes, the government wanted their land, but was that the whole reason they wanted them gone? I hope from reading my book you will discover a people who wished to be left alone and live in peace with the new settlers to their region. Greed is a powerful force that can cause the best of intentions to run astray. The U.S. government ran astray when the Trail of Tears became a reality. Greed was also the reason for slavery, which was a terrible blight on our nation’s history as well, but the people responsible paid the price for that dark time through the blood of some 650,000 Americans. What price have we paid for the destruction of the Cherokee nation? Knowing that all debts come due at some point in time, what price will we pay when the debt we owe the Cherokee comes due?

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