Jebediah “Jeb” Collins

Jeb Collins
Jebediah - Jeb - CollinsJebediah “Jeb” Collins was born in 1815 to Thompson and Celia Collins whose parents and grandparents immigrated to the “New World” from Ireland. They settled in the Choestoe Valley which is located on the southeast side of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Cho-E-sto-E, as the Indian says it, means “place where the rabbits dance”. Jeb is a second-generation Irish settler and lives, in a large for the time, five-room log home that his great-granddad and family built not long before the start of the American Revolution. Originally, it was just a small, one room cabin. Jeb’s granddad built the other four rooms around the original not long after the revolutionary war ended. The original cabin is the main room of their home, fireplace and all.
Jeb lives like all pioneers of that time in the early 1800’s. They farmed or gathered from the forest what vegetables and other foods they ate. Hunted deer, hogs, bear, squirrels and rabbits for sustenance. Caught fish from the streams. Raised hogs, cattle and goats for butcher meat. His playground was the southern Appalachian Mountains while it still existed in it’s premier frontier state. There were no roads, only trails. Folks walked or rode on horses, mules, wagons or oxen to travel from one place to another. Life overall was simple, stress free and void of any rules that didn’t come from the Bible. People of his day policed their own. There was very little trouble among settlers because of that.
Jeb’s best friend is a full-blood Cherokee boy named Wolf — the mountains was full of Cherokee during the time Jeb was raised. A very curious person with an unlimited amount of energy to seek out the answers to his questions, whatever those questions may be. This leads he and Jeb on some amazing adventures in the valley where the rabbits are known to dance — Choestoe. His life could get no better . . . except for a certain young maiden with chestnut colored hair and beautiful blue eyes that lived up on Wolf Creek. She would make his life better.
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