Wolf, Son of Dancing Bear

Wolf - Son of Dancing BearWolf, son of Dancing Bear, a tribal elder for the Cherokee nation, and A-GA-Li-Ha, a Cherokee princess from the Yonah Clan to the south, is Jeb’s best friend and blood brother, a purebred Cherokee. He was born on the same cold and snowy night as Jeb, so they share their birthday. Wolf sees them being born on the same night as spiritual — ordained by the Great Spirit to bond their souls in the spirit world. Wolf was deeply spiritual. The difference between the two births being in where the births actually took place. Jeb was born in the warmth of his log home where there was a fire in all fireplaces constant during the cold time, while Wolf was born in Panther Cave by a warming fire.
Wolf was always extremely curious for his age. Stayed that way until he died of old age. He and Jeb had many adventures during their growing up years in the Choestoe Valley because of that curiosity. As he grew into a young man, he was wise enough to see the changes coming to his way of life, that he knew would happen in his lifetime, so he lived accordingly. His skills in trailing through the mountains were uncanny. His savvy taught by battle worthy Cherokee warriors like his father, or his brother, Moon Shadow. His faith was a mix of Cherokee and Christianity. He knew the Peace Child. Jeb depended on Wolf to teach him the ways of being Cherokee. Ways that would keep them safe when out on trail. Wolf obliged him.
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