Author JR Collins
Author JR Collins
Author JR Collins
Rooted in ancestral heritage, J. R. Collins grew up in the Appalachian valley of Choestoe. Home to the boy who danced with the rabbits. An outdoorsman trained by his father to respect that home and the tradition of faith and family are very important, who watched as the invasion of progress took his sacred existence. The story of a time forgotten sparked at a young age, and he found himself with a need to pass on tradition, to some extent, to the next generation. Marriage and raising teenage twins lit the fuse that has now become his first novel. A desire for his children to understand the efforts of family and friends that bought them the right to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Choestoe.


A desire for my children to respect their ancestor’s heritage spawned this book from one who has never written down the stories of his imagination. I had no intention of sending the words I’d written any further than to my own family living room. I want to thank my wonderful wife, Colleen, for all she has done to make this book happen as well as my son Alex for his support. But, it was my daughter Emma, with her enthusiasm for the first of my stories and her love of history, that kept me writing until my simple bits of historical fiction became a novel. Thank you Emma for giving me the confidence to finish something I never would’ve thought was possible.
To my new friend, Shawn Jarrard. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism. Thank you for your guidance and patience. You did a great job helping prepare my manuscript. Your edits were insightful and inspiring. Good luck my friend.
But most of all, I thank God for giving me the desire and the words that made this book a reality. To him belongs all the glory. He is the Great Spirit. A true friend, and He loves us all.

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