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The Boy Who danced

With Rabbits

Irish settlers homestead the Southern Appalachian Mountains of 1815. 

The Collins family were early settlers to their Appalachian home at the base of Ben's Knob Mountain. The native Cherokee welcomed them for the most part, some would not. They never got comfortable with the new immigrants from foreign lands invading their home. Hostilities were common in some areas, sought after peace was found in others. It was a time of change for all involved. 

Jebediah Collins, and his best friend Wolf, a full blood Cherokee Indian of the same age, are raised to manhood during this time of change. They live in a valley called Choestoe. This is a Cherokee name which means, the land where rabbits dance. It is a most beautiful place in among the big ridges that surround it. Spiritual as the Indians believed it. Many of those that settled in Choestoe became close friends with the Cherokee. Some even married into each others families and had children. It became the way for many. Jeb's family, too.

The old growth forest that covered the mountains when Jeb and Wolf were growing up provided the perfect environment for two curious mountain boys. The adventures they spawn during their travels become legend. Whether they are saving an injured slave running for her life through the woods, fending off battle hardened Indian warriors, following a black mountain cat through the mountains for purpose, or dealing with the sudden loss of loved ones, Jeb and Wolf live on through it all. Growing and maturing with each separate adventure or circumstance. 

The story is told by Jebediah Collins when he is aged ninety years. All his friends have made their journey across the Great River to be with the ancestors. Jeb knows he will soon follow, but before his time comes to join friends and family, he wants to tell his story to all that will listen. A story of growing up when life was lived in complete freedom destined by the Will of God. A time when two adventurous mountain boys learned about life, love, and loss, in a land where the rabbits dance.

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